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Photo Gallery Would you trust this man to administer yory site!!
  postiemike (2009/1/7 19:34:00)
Photo Gallery I can't wait for those long summer nights.<br />I think this is Neil but it,s hard to tell
  postiemike (2009/1/7 19:43:03)
Photo Gallery Ian's lost a £1
  postiemike (2009/1/7 19:54:49)
Photo Gallery This describes the day perfectly.Cold,Sunny,Windy and as you can see by the hight of James, Loads of lift.
  postiemike (2009/1/8 20:17:09)
Photo Gallery One small step for man, One giant leap for Mike
  postiemike (2009/1/10 13:46:52)
Photo Gallery E.T.Go Home
  postiemike (2009/1/11 11:21:58)
Photo Gallery Do not swat wasp's when flying!!
  postiemike (2009/1/18 20:37:03)
Photo Gallery Arrived late(as usual) and took off in to great lift,There is what looks like a Yellow and Red wing to the right of me,Who is it? the day was August 15th 2008 @ 3.30pm
  postiemike (2009/1/19 16:19:19)
Photo Gallery Well worth the strugle up the hill
  postiemike (2009/2/6 19:30:26)
Photo Gallery Just couldn't get him down!
  postiemike (2009/2/6 19:32:20)
Photo Gallery Can you spot John in the blue sky!!
  postiemike (2009/2/6 19:34:01)
Photo Gallery 
  postiemike (2009/2/6 19:36:51)
Photo Gallery Richard Get's ready to launch under a huge natural halo, Never seen a halo this big before, Think it was a snow halo!!!
  postiemike (2009/2/8 19:04:22)
Photo Gallery A chilly reception !!
  postiemike (2009/2/16 19:11:30)
Photo Gallery Best flying day of the year and I bombed out!! but only to take this photo (NOT) Can you the third wing which only appears as a spot in the center of the pic
  postiemike (2009/2/16 19:18:00)
Photo Gallery Went up to 2600ato before gliding back to the ridge, Took this photo at about 1600ato
  postiemike (2009/3/30 11:03:44)
Photo Gallery Just needs some good glasses and he should be OK
  postiemike (2009/4/4 18:41:42)
Photo Gallery Not a lot of lift so!!
  postiemike (2009/6/2 21:56:07)
Photo Gallery Are they bullet holes in his helmet!!
  postiemike (2009/6/2 22:03:52)
Photo Gallery (Before going further and higher than else!!)
  postiemike (2009/6/2 22:10:38)
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