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Real Name Richard Fanning
Location Ing Bar
Time Zone (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
Interest Paragliding
Member Since 2009/1/22 18:24
Comments/Posts 3
Rank Just popping in
Just popping in
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Photo Gallery Andy Lee and myself took off at the hairpins, slight right of photo, the mountain tops are at 6000ft, we ended up wellover 10,000ft, took ages to get back down.
(2009/2/3 17:23:47)
Photo Gallery 018 15
(2009/2/3 17:26:05)
Photo Gallery 021 18
(2009/2/3 17:26:57)
Photo Gallery 014 11
(2009/2/3 21:06:43)
Photo Gallery wingover
(2009/2/3 21:21:22)
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(2011/6/6 20:18:48)
NYSC Forum Re: North York sail wing club banner competition
(2011/5/28 10:51:17)
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