Sutton Bank


Site Code: 11.065

Direction: SW

Location: SE 514830 to SE 508834

Access: Along the A170 5 miles east of Thirsk. Park in the public car park. Follow the Cleveland Way footpath approx 400 yds westwards along the edge to the take-off. Do not rig on the footpath.

Height: 1000ft AMSL, face 300ft.

Length: 1/2 mile.

Description: Inland bowl with good lift producing characteristics. Heavily wooded.

Suitability: Experienced Hang glider pilots only, due to site being a busy sailplane site, suffering from severe turbulence and also having difficult top and bottom landings. This site is NOT recommended for Paragliders.

Telephone:  In the car park near to the National Park cafe.

               Please read these carefully in conjunction with the attached map before flying the site.
        1.     Experienced pilots only. Members of North Yorks, Dales and George Cayley clubs only. A site fee may be requested.
        2.     There is no bottom landing permission. Do not take off if it is unlikely to be soar-able.
        3.     Top land in triangle field (note that this is a considerable distance downwind) or in North or South fields if free of crop. *Check the location with a George Cayley Club official before flying!
        4.     Rig only in the proper area. Keep path clear.   
        5.     Take off only at designated take-off area.
        6.     When there is gliding activity do not fly south of the point where the road crosses the brow of the hill unless you have a minimum of 400 feet ATO.
        7.     Do not fly south of the elbow in the road and the start of the gliding club landing strip unless you have a minimum of 1000 feet ATO and are quite sure you can maintain this height.
        8.     Move back to the edge of the ridge in order to give sailplanes clear air if this is necessary for it to gain sufficient height to land.

Take-off: Rig between the path and the old stone wall. Assistance is necessary in winds above 14mph because of eddies produced by the trees down the slope.

Landings: Top: Subject to the state of the crops, in the field immediately behind take-off. Beware of a 'curl-over' effect even in moderate winds. Alternative top landing may be made in the 'Triangle field' behind the gallops. (Check!) 300 ft ATO is normally needed to land there. It means de-rigging and carrying back by the road.
Bottom:   No permission for any really suitable fields. The sloping field to the south of the main road immediately in front of the wood was regularly used some years ago on lower performance gliders. The field slopes, parallel to the road, at more than the glide angle of your glider towards POWER LINES at the bottom of the field. This field may not be considered suitable. Select a field for safety and with regard for damage to crops etc. Landing may incur a heavy fine (last known - £15 in 1988).

Comments: Although not a good site for ridge soaring, this site is a really good thermal and wave site, with plenty of big flat fields downwind for out landings. Top landings in the North and South field are often in severe wind shadow or rotor and can be very fast as a result.

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