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Carlton Bank


Site Code: 11.018

Direction: WNW

Location: NZ 520034 to NZ 516017

Access: Access by track is limited and the club does not hold a key to the gate.  Access by foot is permitted, please consider other uses of the site, walkers, riders and bird watchers when accessing, setting up and flying.

Rig on the bare grass area surrounded by heather.

Height: 1338 ft (408 m) AMSL. Face approx 900 ft.

Length: 1/2 mile subject to restrictions (see rules)

Description: Inland site, largely straight ridge with steep grass and heather covered slopes and rocky outcrops.

Suitability: Not ideal for beginners or pilots straight from school. A useful site for all other levels of ability. Less experienced pilots should land at the bottom if a suitable field is available. Avoid landing on Carlton Bank Farm, the fields at the immediate foot of the bank. See section headed landings.             

Telephone: Lord Stones cafe; Gliding clubhouse in an emergency; Carlton village.

SITE RULES:  Please read these carefully in conjunction with the attached map before flying the site.
1.     Unfortunately, flying at the site is restricted to club members or bona-fide visiting members only and some new rules have been implemented at the express wishes of the landowner.

2.     Unfortunately, at the request of the Gliding Club, we no longer have access to the gate at the bottom of the track leading to the glider station. It is usually kept locked at ALL times. Even if it is open when you drive up, be aware that it might be locked when you try to leave!

3.     No landing on the front of Carlton ridge below take off, especially on the path that runs along the bottom above the tree line at the express instructions of the landowners. If you cannot top land then only use either the designated bottom landing field or fly over the road to Model Ridge and land there. The owner wishes to exercise stud horses along the bottom of the ridge, which can easily be spooked by Hang/Paragliders.

4.     On days of gliding activity the first flier on the site must report to the gliding club duty instructor.

5.     Cars should be parked either at the Lord Stones café, or off the road next to the track.

6.     Walk to the take-off area using established paths; do not trample across the heather.
        Under NO circumstances should vehicles be driven outside of the Parking area i.e. across the runway to Take Off.

7.     If the SE-NW runway is in use either gliders being winched up or by motorised gliders, when flying do not approach within 50yds of the runway below 500 ft and do not cross it if a glider shows any signs of launching.
         Below 500ft all flying must be confined to the north of the runway.

8.     If the SW-NE runway is being used keep to the north end of the ridge whilst gliders are launching. This allows gliders an 'escape route' if they suffer a cable break during launching.

9.     Do not fly over the runway on top landing.

10.   On a busy day the gliding club may ask us to limit the number of hang gliders and / or paragliders in the air. If this happens give everyone a chance to fly and do not 'hog' the air.

11.   On landing all gliders should immediately be moved out of the landing area back to the rigging area for parking.

12.   Due to gliding club requests, site rules are constantly changing. If possible check with a committee member before flying.

13.   This site is NOT to be used for any competitions.

14. Avoid flying anywhere near the stub farm at the bottom of Carlton Bank.

Because of the importance of this site to club members and the sensitive nature of our relationship with the landowners all pilots must adhere strictly to the site rules. Failure to do so could lose all of us some of the best flying in the country.

Take-off: Anywhere into wind but the best spot is the small bowl just in front of the rigging area about 40 yds SW of the trig point. The available take off area’s are small. It may not be possible to keep a good separation between hang gliders and paragliders. Paraglider pilots will be aware of the risk of being blown back if there is a strong wind. Do not launch in front of parked gliders. If intending to take off in front of the landing area you will be in the line of any overshoot. Both hang gliders and paragliders should not loiter here prior to take off and should clear the area after take off. Check above and behind before launch, with assistance if necessary.

Landings:  Bottom:
1)     Avoid landing in the fields at the immediate foot of the bank. These fields belong to Carlton Bank Farm, which is a stud farm. Gliders landing here may disturb the horses and are not welcomed by the owner. Other bottom landing fields have been negotiated, (See Map). Check with a committee member for latest situation or politely approach the farmer of our prospective field before flying. (owner Mr Atherton - Plane Tree Farm, entry by track next to barn on Carlton / Faceby road).
2)     An alternative landing may be made on Busby Moor (the Model Ridge). This is possible in nil or light winds if you have plenty of height to cross the road but this requires a crisp 180 degree turn to land into wind. Turbulence can be expected as you fly over the gully to the west of the large quarry.

Top: Top landing at this site calls for precision flying and should only be attempted by pilots with previous top landing experience. Generally severe wind gradient or rotor can be expected around the heather covered landing area and in winds above 25mph the rotor can move forwards several yards. The best landing area is just to the SW of the trig point and the air is most predictable about 15 yds from the edge. Do not land behind the path which runs behind the heather covered landing area and just next to the runway as this would mean landing in strong curl-over. Please study the map before take-off and remember that the rotor here has claimed many broken bones and hang gliders! Come in with a fair amount of speed to ensure safety.

Comments: Beware of approaching sea breeze fronts. The wind can turn from NW to E
in a few minutes.

XC tips:  No tips (yet) specifically for Carlton Bank, but see the xc notes for the Model Ridge.  I’ll include some when I next revise the guide and hopefully include some on the website.                                                                


 The track up to Carlton Bank is marked as a Bridleway, (green hatched lines with diamonds).
As part of the Coast-to-Coast, Lyke Wake Walk, Cleveland Way, it is a well marked footpath, with sign posts and millstones set into the ground. Either follow the dolomite track to the gliding club, 15 -20 mins or the harder more direct route (clearly marked) to the cairn, up and round past the quarry. Take-off is about 50m past the cairn (408m) in the natural shallow hollow just off the path. The area used by hang gliders to rig and set up is quite noticeable as a rectangle of grass, where the heather has been worn away.



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