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Model ridge


Site code: 11.018

Wind Direction : N

Location: NZ 523033 to NZ 529034

Access: Off the Carlton to Chop Gate road, in the 'Lord Stones' cafe car park. If the car park is busy or full, park beside the road away from cafe. Sometimes on a weekend or Bank Holiday or if an event is taking place cars will be directed to park on the grass in front of the small copse of trees. Follow directions and park as requested. Walk north along the flat path 400yds to the edge. Note that the car park entrance is barred and locked in the evening so park beside the road if there is a possibility of a long XC flight.

Height: 950ft (290m) AMSL. Face approx 500ft.

Length: 700 yds, but in soar-able conditions it is usually possible to fly along to Cringle Moor (1 mile), and often to Hasty Bank (3 miles). From Hasty Bank access can be gained to Ingleby Bowl, though returning from there can be difficult.

Description: Inland site. Almost straight ridge with steep grass and bracken covered slope.

Suitability: Experienced fliers with soaring ability, since top landings are required.
An excellent proven cross country site.

Telephone: Lord Stones cafe (01642 778227) or Carlton village.

Please read these carefully, in conjunction with the attached map before flying the site.
1. Flying at the site  to be restricted to club members only,  with BHPA membership.


2. There is no access to the edge for motor vehicles. *On occasions the landowner may direct cars to park on the grass if it is busy.

3. Avoid bottom landings in the fields at the foot of the ridge, as the club has no permission for landings there. Access is also difficult; it's a long walk out!
See section headed landings for further advice.

4. After landing, all gliders are to be removed from the landing area and hang gliders parked at the west end of the ridge to keep the landing space free.

5. Paragliders should take off from the east end of the ridge, to avoid the risk of being blown back into the landing or rigging areas.


6. When launching or flying do not linger for long periods in front of the top landing area. Watch out for gliders on landing approach.

7. All dogs are to be kept on a lead.

8. No bonfires are permitted.

9. Flying of model aircraft is allowed, with the permission of the landowner. Model aircraft flyers should comply with a code of conduct devised by the Model Flying Association. Any problems, report the incident to a NYSC Committee member.

10. IMPORTANT NOTE: On very busy days this site may be subject to timed interval arrangements to split flying between hang gliders and paragliders. See section 7.10. of the introduction to this site guide for details. If the scheme is in operation please co-operate fully.

Take-off: Possible anywhere along ridge, but to assist with a safe mix of flying and encourage predictable behaviour hang gliders launch from western end, paragliders towards eastern end beyond the Three Lords Stone. It is a busy site; remember to check above and behind before launch, with assistance if necessary. 

Landings: Bottom:  To be avoided except in an emergency. If you think there is a likelihood that you will bottom land then DO NOT FLY.  An agreement has been made that in the event of an emergency, you may land in the field marked Emergency Landing Field. If forced to bottom land, choose a field which is free of crops, hay and livestock. Remain polite and friendly towards landowners at all times. You will probably be asked to pay a fine (approx. £5) Retrieval is possible along a path which runs diagonally across the NW face of Cringle Moor near some shale outcrops. If unable to top land it may still be possible to land at the bottom of Cringle Moor near the scout hut (especially on a hang glider) where car access is possible for retrieval. It is possible to bottom land between the farmland and the hillside (hang gliders do not often attempt it now) but beware - the bracken is about 5' deep and can take some time to get back to the top!

Top: Top landings are safe over a wide area of the moor. Expect dead air if landing well back, so keep plenty of speed on. The strip between the hang gliding rigging area across to The Three Lords Stone is designated the proper landing area. Keep your landings in this strip if more than one or two other pilots are present. All launching and flying pilots will then know where to expect any overshoots.

Comments: The site can be turbulent below the ridge level when the wind is not directly on the ridge.

General warning.
As this location is close to large housing areas and is only a short easy stroll from the car park at the café it attracts many spectators, especially at weekends and Bank holidays. Many people are curious and may not be aware of the speed at which a paraglider can be blown back towards them or may not have seen a landing hang glider above them. Always be aware that young and very old spectators may not have seen or heard you, shout a clear warning, eg. “landing!” or if necessary land well away and walk back to the front.
Please ensure that they keep well clear of the take-off and landing areas and obey the above rules, which apply to them as well.  In strong or gusty conditions ensure that spectators, especially children and older people do not stand too close or behind a paraglider before a take-off.  Use a look out or shout a warning just prior to launch and landing.
If contacting the emergency services to report an accident at Model Ridge, they might have difficulty recognising this location. It has something to do with the locating software used by the emergency control center. The Lord Stones café is on the Carlton to Chop Gate road. (also known as Raisdale Road).
Lord Stones Cafe car park GR 526031.
Lord Stones Cafe', Carlton Bank, Nr Stokesley 01642 778227




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