Nick: Is any one thinking of going to milk hill?
colinkeightley: NHPC BBQ next weekend Sat 14th Sept deep in the Cheviots where no one can here you scream free to all you guys all though we do have a whip round on the sunday morning. more info here
Nick: well that made no sense lol
the club will supply a bbq so bring along something to throw on it and some thing to drink*: 1566072472
Lordstones has offered us a discounted rate for those wanting to camp over at £10 per tent but i will need numbers please. *:
Nick*: meet and chat, drink beer, talk parabolox and bbq, if we are lucky some flying too.
Nick: Just a reminder folks, Greetings Ladies and Gents, I am organising a get together for members on model ridge on Saturday 31st Aug, very informal allowing for new and old pilots to
kevin gay: Raining tomorrow and windy. So go to Thirsk Auction Mart And be amazed at all the art IU STS (140) of them selling their hand crafted paintings, sculptures, jewelry and loads more 3 quid entry. Not your usual craft fair, think presents and bring some money, or just send the partner and have a quiet
Charles McDonald: Do we think Model will be too windy today?
Peter: Spare Buttermere Bash ticket available if anyone needs one.
administrator: camera is fixed again access it from this page only
in the next couple of days :)*: 1558016483
administrator*: looks like flyable at model
Ian: Meeting tonight
Nick: Has the camera died?
Ian: I've got mine. Stockpiling wood now.
Jonathan: Tickets selling fast apparently for Buttermere Bash 2019. If you're going (I am) probably best to get in advance.
chrispotter: Going to Otley tonight anyone wanting al lift phone 07801836560
rosie: DHPC social on Thursday 2nd May- 7pm at Horse and Farrier, Otley. Hannes Papesh of PHI will be giving talk presented by Flybubble. for more info. All NYSC members welcome. Rosie (DHPC social sec)
Charles McDonald: Anyone contemplating Model or Cringle this afternoon (Sunday)?
kevin gay: Hangies going to explore later. looks pretty grim at the moment.
Anyone know who it might be?*: 1555531182
Andy*: There was a guy jumped off model today (his words) landed at the bottom before I got the. He's dun an EP maybe no idea bhpa/nysc . He left when I had a word. Keep an eye out for him he's from Northallerton. Airwave glider and bag.
MartinBaxter: Going to take a look at Model Ridge at 11am. Perhaps Marske later.
Phil Mackereth: Good day Saturday on Model/Cringle 2-3pm. Tested out my new Ozone Z6, it was very nice indeed. Amazing the difference in glider designs over the last 7 years Ha, Ha.
administrator: looks like no one on the hill
Nick: all is quiet!!!!!