Peter: Cheers Ian ☺
Ian: Pete, Tailbridge doesn\'t look good for tomorrow.
Peter: Anyone thinking of tailbridge tomorrow?
chrispotter: Thinking of cookies tomorrow (Friday)
Mark Leach: Christmas Meal ,have a look in Discussions or Club meetings ,if you fancy joining in
Nick: No wind! no fly! bugger!
Peter: Whoop whoop ☺
Nick: carlton sunday am ? could be a goer
Peter: Carton tomorrow ?
Ian: Going to Carlton for 1.30pm
Peter: Tailbridge ?
Andy: Great day\'s flying today!
Nick: carlton/model go go go
Jlewis: See you tomorrow Marty
ALLAN BLACKETT: heading to tailbridge now
Ian: Good call Allan; however lost interest now!
ALLAN BLACKETT: Tailbridge might be on today
Ian: Quite a conflict in forecasts at moment, will decide in the morning.
Jonathan Thomas: will be there about 10 ish i think
Jlewis: Might have a look in the morning
Jonathan Thomas: anyone fancy model Wed afternoon
Jonathan Thomas: Great day yesterday at Model :)
Jlewis: Probably the last thermic day of the year today good fun
Ian: Forecast a little rain 1st thing, will be there 9.30
Andrew Wallace : Yes. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday Nick.
Nick: thursday morning possibly
Jonathan Thomas: Anyone out later monday
Tailbridge does look likely around midday though.*: 1509351857
Andrew Wallace *: Actually forget about Carlton unless you can get there right now!
Carlton looks possible.*: 1509351290
Andrew Wallace *: Anyone out today (Monday)?
Ian: Just dropping as dusk arrived. Grrrr
Ian: Gonna have a look up.....
Ian: I guess it will be dark before it drops
Jlewis: Really strong today but when you and Andy sacrificed your selves on Friday it was good
Nick: If the wind is lighter than forcast I will be out
Jonathan Thomas: anyone out sunday?
Ian: Going up Carlton early.
Jlewis: Friday is looking ok so far
It would be good to see some more flights logged against these tasks, if you have a tracklog from the relevant area please give it a go, there’s no need to register.*: 1508580576
*: *:
chris foster*: There are some “Grid Challenges” as well as a link to “Defined Flying Challenges” by Ed Cleasby at;-
Peter: Thanks Andy, looks like the weather has changed for the worse any way .😕
Andy: No where local Peter, Cookies wouldn\'t be very nice in a dead southerly.
Peter: Where is there a place that would work tomorrow morning ? Straight southerly according to XCweather. Cookies?
let me know if you are out and about..:)*: 1507628554
Jonathan Thomas*: Cheers Ian was a good flight...
Ian: Very nice flying with big Al and Tom, who got highest he\'s been and top landed.