Nick: sunday looks like a day for Model. I\'m grounded so that should make it an epic day........ to fangdale beck and beyond... :)
Nick: time to wheel the winch out! if only we could..
Ian: Bbc weather has 7mph nne at 3pm, other sites forecast SE
Ian: Please look at post in General Discussions \"Obstacle\"
administrator: nice one ben , was going to go up but was to lazy, tomorrow looks promising
Benj16: Good 40mins at cookies before the front started to arrive with some gusts
Benj16: Going to have a look at cookies about 9 i don\'t hold much hope but could do with the walk out. Definitely blown out by lunch
Ian: Very light rain, and not enough wind. 😩
Ian: Rain stopped, going to have a look up.
Ian: Martin, dont know if you have left home yet, but looks very wet.
administrator: weather improving, going to model about 10 looks like the rain might miss us and the thermals map looks good , see you there
administrator: well friday, think i will head to model hopefully the rain stops between 10-12 then 5 hours flying hopefully
Benj16: Going to head tailbridge or brantside tomorrow !
Ian: Tailbridge
Ian: Thursday.
Alan melton: hope so
administrator: Maybe cooks tomorrow if the rain holds off.
Ian: Martin, Thanks
the hosting server decided to change the password for the DB , this has been fixed now, thanks admin*: 1494837357
administrator*: sorry the web site is back up and running
john lewis: Xcweather you where so wrong today
john lewis: Thanks for the call Marty didn\'t expect to be flying today,good fun
Peter: Cheers John, methinks I shall work on my ground handling 😀
john lewis: Dales lakes Pete?
john lewis: Had an extended top ,bottom from Carlton today,very rough small thermal
Peter: Anyone got any thoughts on a good site for tomorrow ?
john lewis: Clay bank and back plus flying a couple more friends wings and then the sun comes out 😀
Ian: Model was flyable until noon.
Ian: Going to Saltburn
andrew: managed an hour at model low cloud freezing cold but plenty of lift
Ian: Must be coast tomorrow?
john lewis: I enjoyed this morning coffee and back to work
Ian: Flying good, visibility not so good 😁
Nick: Wind dropping off a bit and going more E. might have to walk up cringle
Nick: Model ridge. Wind nne light but probably flyable. Viz 5km but milky mist
john lewis: Might have a look early tomorrow
john lewis: Have we a coast site that takes an easterly?
Ian: Model is now off.
Ian: Model is on
Ian: Nick says wind is on the hill.
Ian: Going up for 9am tomorrow
Rich_C: Nice 40 minutes before the wind dropped. Hasty bank and back. Rather cold though.
Fozey: Going up to see!
Rich_C: Could be my first evening flight of the season tonight.
Ian: John, you must be very proud of him.
Nick: well done Andy
Andy: I did you proud dad, almost flew home from Carlton. Very tough though and more collapses than you after a good night out!
john lewis: Sky looks great hope you boys made something out of it without me
Rich_C: Well, on cookies. A bit of wind and in the right direction.
Rich_C: Looks like cookies now.