Ian: Sorry Charles just your post. Cooks was flyable for most of the afternoon, very small punchy thermals, probably finished by 6pm. Tomorrow Carlton. 😁
andrew: My guess is it will be to light and any thermals will have stopped.Only a guess
Charles McDonald: Anyone have an opinion regarding flyability of Captain Cooks around 6pm this evening (19/04)?
Nick: last 2 posts should be read as one long one first, I ran out off charactors :)
Nick: wings out there Nick Senior coach (pg)
Nick: Hi Drew, welcome to the world of free flight, the best person to advise you on a wing would be your instructor, he is best placed to know your strengths and abilities and advise you on a wing and other equipemnt, each wing is a little different in its feel and reactions there are some great A class
Drew Withers: Hi Guys, currently going through my CP course at the moment and looking for my first wing and also possibly a GHW. Any advice would be appreciated.
Andy: LCO registration open, link in forum under competitions.
Leroy: Anyone out today?
Mark Leach: Roger , another email sent to BHPA this morning after no answers from numerous previous requests .
Roger Braney: Been away for a bit. How goes the winch training?
Nick: will probably be top end, better off heading to Marske Howie.
Howie: Does anyone think Cringle could be flyable tomorrow?
Ian: Thank God it's raining tomorrow
Jlewis: First two thermic days great fun
Nick: going 2 b busy. see u up on hill
Jlewis: Carlton for me
Ian: I'm going to Carlton lunchtime 😎
Charles McDonald: Morning @ Wether and afternoon @ Carlton perhaps?
Peter: Tailbridge or Carlton tomorrow folks?
Jonathan Thomas: Where we all off too today Model?
Nick: are they metric or imp?
Andy: I'm still trying to find the coordinates for York Westminster 😂.
Nick: well said Ian, Andy Listen to your Grandad!!
Ian: You should never doubt your dad.
Jlewis: Tomorrow afternoon son not quite a York Westminster day but flyable
Andy: I thought better of you Dad, you have gone way down in my estimations. You should know better by now about weather forecasting this far in advance 😉
Jonathan Thomas: hoping wed looks ok ATM
Jlewis: Tuesday Wednesday looking good according to XC weather
Nick: Well it looks pants every where
Nick: Might be going to Rutland this weekend but friday saturday already cancelled, It might be flyable on sunday hope to start winch operator training. if its not on I will be out locally.
administrator: Anyone thinking that Sunday looks like it could be flyable?
chrispotter: Going to take a look at carlton
Jonathan Thomas: just checked and yes closed up to Tailbridge so where today is anyone going out?
Peter: The AA are saying that the tailbridge road is closed.
Peter: Any thoughts on possibilities today folks?😀
Jlewis: Thanks for the post mate turned up later and it was still good and thermic for my my lad
andrew: Good flying at cookies today.Strong and punchy thermals spring is here !
Jonathan Thomas: Tailbridge all day tomorrow looks good to go
Ian: Club meeting tonight.
administrator: any one any thoughts for this weekend i know is south east but any thoughts?
Ian: Unless it changes I will be at model at 9am 😃
Jonathan Thomas: Im off wed and thur if anyone up and about
Nick: any one out?
administrator: well stayed in today , but tommorrow looks like could be about right what people think
Nick: looking at it it doesn't look worth while to travel far as it is wet and wind i will be looking at cookies i think.
administrator: any one thinking cooks tomorrow, or windbank if you want a long journey
Jlewis: I'll be out later not sure Carlton or cookies 😀
Peter: Anyone thinking of carlton tomorrow?
Nick: wind well off to east with intermitent blizzards at the moment Peter