No additional topics for discussion Or applicants for committee positions have been raised, therefore, the agenda will be as per the standard AGM items of: *:
Phil Mackereth*: AGM 2023 , 6TH MARCH , 8PM BLACKWELL OX.
See Forum Meetings thread for full notice and any updates.*: 1675929264
Phil Mackereth*: 2023 AGM 6th March - Blackwell Ox 8pm
Mark Leach: Christmas meal in forum under discussions
Nick: club meeting has been moved from Monday the 4th July to Monday the 11th July due to most of the committee being away on holiday or flying comps.usual venue.
Nick: winch was sold Kevin.
kevin gay: I have had a request for info about our winch, from Scotland. Do we still have it? Do we want to sell it?
Edward Cunliffe: New member, anyone use this anymore? I'm on the WhatsApp groups, assume they've taken over?
Andy: I see there has been a bit and run incident at Filey on Friday evening, male in his 40s with a green and white wing, dark clothing and green helmet. Google it and contact police if you have any information.
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Mark Leach*: Christmas meal 6th Dec
Nick: On the camera it looks like a new pole has gone up on the front of model anybody any idea what it is for ? temp\perm?