Nick: cookies in the morning
Ian: September meeting. Monday 3rd, Blackwell Ox. 8pm
administrator: do not bother with the yota2 as does not work correctly with xcsoar, if your looking for a phone got for the a10 hisense one which does and better screen
Phil Mackereth: Anyone going to the Blackwell of tonite?*: 1533456124
Rich_C*: Hows about trying Windbank to Cookies?
Nick: yes
Ian: Carlton Saturday ๐Ÿ˜€
Here is the link:*: 1532281862
Lloyd*: I was out flying Carlton today and someone asked about the Yotaphone2
Nick: carlton looks on this morning
MartinBaxter: Tue 17 Jul - I'm thinking of taking a look at Boltby. Anybody want to come and hold my hand?
Graham McAnany: Anyone heading to Cook's this afternoon?
Andy: I think I have it Rosie, was it on a carbon pole? I thought it belonged to the Northumbrian lot so took it when we left yesterday.
rosie: Hello, Ben and I rushed off and left our windsock (orange ozone one on the front of model). If someone could grab it when they leave we would be very grateful. Cheers
Benj16: On Carlton, wind good, high cloud cleared out, waiting for thermals, looking good
Nick: heading up about 10
Nick: tricky flying today not much wind and only a few thermals to play with :)
Nick: looks promising and lighter winds off to bed for a kip now see you all later.
Nick: best get my arse into bed then! see you guys on the hill
Ian: Going to model 10am Thursday*: 1528240587
administrator*: here you go alan, a thermal map from skylines and thermal chance
NickyB: Iโ€™ll be there at about 8.30 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Neil : Nick great I will come along tonight
Nick: by all means NickyB and Neil we will be in the Black well ox in carlton in cleveland about 8pm meetings are first monday of the month unless its a bank holiday when it gets pushed back a week.
NickyB: Afternoon, what timeโ€™s the meeting tonight please and is it okay to just turn up?
Neil : Mr Site Admin can you approve my login membership so I can read the forums please
Neil Scott: Hello I have just joined cannot see when the next club meeting is and where it is held. Any help would be great.
Ian: Meeting tonight. 4th June.
Nick: folk could well be out but it could be clagged in with cloud have a look on webcam befor you set off
Howie: Anyone trying Model today. Forecast looks light wind.
Peter: Hello Mr admin, can you tell me if it is possible to join the 365 WhatsApp group please? :)
Rich_C: Not so inspiring on the webcam....
administrator: i'll be there sooner than later breakfast is calling
Ian: I'll be there mid morning.
Nick: model monday
Andrew Mcowan: forecast is easterly but still blowing NNE at blackhall!
Andrew Mcowan: Hi. Probably obvious but just to confirm Blackhall NOT flyable. Way off to the north & also a bit on the strong side.
Andrew Mcowan: Blackhall now.... still way off north. Quite strong. 10:10am
Andrew Mcowan: Hi. Probably obvious but just to confirm Blackhall NOT flyable. Way off to the north & also a bit on the strong side.
administrator: nope just tidying some things up here and there while i had some spare time sorting out the cam feed
Nick: bored Mr Admin
administrator: just cleared box