Andy: You left just at the right time Andy, I tried hanging on for more airtime and ended up top landing and walking down when it went west. Fun while it lasted though.
andrew: Had a pleasant couple of hours at cookies some big clouds and punchy thermals about but ok.Still looked ok when i left Andy to it.
MartinBaxter: Thanks Andy. Wind now looks a bit lighter in the Dales so I\'m going to head that way. I\'ll take a look at Boltby another day (closer to home).
Andy: Pretty sure no one fly\'s Boltby (maybe Nick?) No one bothers with Summer either, my choice given the forecast would be Captain Cook\'s. The day looks good from my office window, will be there late afternoon.
MartinBaxter: I was thinking of taking a look at Boltby and Summer Hill tomorrow (Tue). Never been there before. Anything I need to know other than what\'s in the site guide?
Ian: Lifty !
Ian: You had it nailed Chris, just needed to keep your head down in that strong wind. I was a lofty day!
Chris Blair: Thanks for your help with take off Ian.. nice flight after that
Jonathan Thomas: Anything Sunday
Andy: Just had a fun little flight off Carlton in between some biiiigggg clouds to land by the car. Wind is definitely on model now but lot\'s of development.
Ian: Saturday lunchtime , showers allowing.
DannyS: Sat 2nd Sept - wind is slowly picking up at cookies but would be nice to get a regulars opinion if someone is coming over anyway?
DannyS: Sat 2nd sept - just bombed out at cookies the wind isn\'t blowing much here (sub 10mph) I reckon
Jlewis: I\'m going to have a look at Cookies ssw
Rich_C: Think windbank (hawkswick) looks good. Setting off at about 9
Andrew Mcowan: thanks!
Mark Leach: People still flying when I left 20 min ago
Andrew Mcowan: Hi anyone. How is it at model now pls?
Nick: heading up to model now, not sure if i will be out on saturday but it looks like a day for cookies tomorrow.
DannyS: Fri 1st Sept - Captain cooks looks like its the only site that may be working?...
Jonathan Thomas: if its on i will be
DannyS: Fri 1st Sept - Hi Everyone, i dont suppose anyone is out on saturday at any of the sites?
Jonathan Thomas: ok hope to get there 3 pm from work
Pete brown: Picking up slowly
Jonathan Thomas: how is Model looking at min
Pete brown: At model ridge. Bout 5mph slightly off to nw. Going to wait
Nick: looks good for Model odd shower possible. looks to light on the coast.
Mark Leach: Fingers crossed for tomorrow .
Jlewis: I\'ll sort it for you next time I see you
ALLAN BLACKETT: My kobo has lost its GPS connection. Does anyone know how to fix it?
Jlewis: Friday is looking very good according to xc weather
DannyS: Wed 30th - Hi All, New flyer here, anyone heading out after 2pm today?
Glyn Cassidy: Hi All and many thanks Andy. I will be heading past Carlton Bank, hopefully not long after lunch Wednesday, then onto Captain Cook. Looks like CC will be a better option for Thursday AM. Fingers crossed it\'s working and I see you peeps flying!
Andy: There\'s a bloke doing a hike and fly of the coast to coast and he\'s reached Osmotherly so might be at Carlton/Cookies tomorrow depending on the forecast, I\'m sure he would appreciate any advice or assistance.
Jonathan Thomas: Anyone at model tonight 5.30 ish
Ian: Meeting Mark at 8.30am
Chris Blair: Ok I\'ll leave it, thanks Ian
Ian: Can\'t do tonight, but currently very windy.
Chris Blair: Anyone trying cookies later this aft?
Ian: Tuesday Morning.
Jonathan Thomas: Thanks for today chaps was a good day learnt loads
Nick: hope to get out tommorrow as long as i get some jobs done :)
Jonathan Thomas: Will not go on my own lol
Jonathan Thomas: Cookie looking good tomorrow would love company lol
Ian: Meatloaf flying, Andy, Mark and I in Fletcher\'s.
Ian: Howling in Ayton.
Seems quite windy already in boro*: 1503647717
Mark Leach*: If anyone gets to cookies and it\'s flyable ,give us a shout .
david65: if the weather is ok i will be going
Ian: Is anyone else thinking of going to the Lakes this Weekend?