Jlewis: Ye it\'s looking good
Nick: sunday Model?
Ian: Anyone having a look up this Afternoon?
Rich_C: On at Carlton. Top end ish but seems ok so far. If anything it\'s got north In it.
Charles McDonald: Top of Carlton. Wind bang on and around 20kph
Nick: will see you there Charles :)
Charles McDonald: Carlton Bank Sunday morning 9-12? I\'m gagging for a flight!!
Charles McDonald: Thanks for the advice Ian
Ian: Charles, personally I would say it\'s looking too strong. I think about 8 mph is a good forecast.
Charles McDonald: Any thoughts/advice on Captain Cooks late afternoon today?
MartinBaxter: CANP done for Model 1000-1800 Wed 12 Jul.
Ian: Model looking likely for Wednesday afternoon.
Rich_C: Yep
Andy: Carlton
Peter: Ignore that. Can\'t keep up with the wind direction 😀
Peter: Anyone thinking tailbridge for Saturday?
Charles McDonald: Screwed that one up. Went round the front of Carlton and could not find takeoff. Misunderstood directions
Chris Blair: Will do
Charles McDonald: Can you shout then if it looks good Chris? Driving up from York and never flown Carlton before... ETA 19H00
Chris Blair: I might give Carlton a look tonight about 6pm.
Charles McDonald: Hi All. Carlton Bank around 7pm tonight? It looks possible to me...?
Jonathan Thomas: HI Just joined the site new to paragliding :) Im Hooked
Ian: I guess it will be on at Cooks late morning.
Peter: Was thinking more of 8 am 😀
Jlewis: 5.45 its probably on at Carlton
Peter: Carlton tomorrow early ???
Benj16: Anyone thinking of model today ? It doesn\'t look great but might me flyable ?
Jlewis: Might be on at Model , rains stopped, clouds base has lifted
Nick: Jlewis (John) is part of the coaching team Charles and the number below is his :)
Call me 07889365126 leave a message I won\'t answer cos don\'t no you\'re number but will call you back*: 1498501913
Jlewis*: Great flying today Charles , if it\'s flyable I\'m normally there
Charles McDonald: Cheers Nick. Might leave it till I have a little more experiance
Nick: Hi Charles cringle looks ok at the moment however i would not reccommend it unless some one else is available to give guidance the take off is quite demanding, unfortunatly most of the regulars have been out flying carlton bank most of the day, so will probably be in the pub talking parabolox :)
Charles McDonald: 26/6/17@15:45 Anyone have any thoughts about Cringle Moor this evening (6/7pm)? Looks possible but concerned about possible rotor on Model Ridge for a top landing as forecast is E going slightly ESE by 21H00? Ta (newbie with 8 hours)
Ian: T2B with Alan, Mark and John, then after brunch, good thermal flying with Mark and John. Fun
Ian: Meeting Alan at LZ in Carlton village at 8.30am if anyone else wants a lift up the hill.
Ian: I have a wing! Going up Carlton early.
Nick: RA and mentor 2 lol
Ian: Nick, bring the Ra this afternoon. 🚑
Fozey: Still no glider! Looks like you will just be making the numbers up on hols!
Ian: I would go up, but still no glider!
Nick: thinking of heading up to model/ carlton bank thursday after work hope to be there about 2:30 Nick
Andy: That doesn\'t surprise me Peter, I tried to get some advice from them last year regarding the winch and was disappointed with there response. TBH I\'m pretty unimpressed with them generally.
Peter: Asked bhpa, they haven\'t answered, bit dissapointed by that. Found out anyway via Google. Thanks Nick ☺
Nick: sorrry Peter not heard of any requirement, not sure who would be the best to ask but it might be worth a call to bhpa its what they are there for :)
does anyone have any knowledge of the medical certificate needed to fly in france?*: 1496309134
Peter*: not sure what happened there.
Peter*: 1496309031
Cheers *: