administrator: any one any thoughts for this weekend i know is south east but any thoughts?
Ian: Unless it changes I will be at model at 9am 😃
Jonathan Thomas: Im off wed and thur if anyone up and about
Nick: any one out?
administrator: well stayed in today , but tommorrow looks like could be about right what people think
Nick: looking at it it doesn't look worth while to travel far as it is wet and wind i will be looking at cookies i think.
administrator: any one thinking cooks tomorrow, or windbank if you want a long journey
Jlewis: I'll be out later not sure Carlton or cookies 😀
Peter: Anyone thinking of carlton tomorrow?
Nick: wind well off to east with intermitent blizzards at the moment Peter
Peter: Anymore thought about model? Very snowy and overcast at the moment.
Leroy: Can get to cattle grid ok
Leroy: Road up to model is too icy unless you've got 4*4 or chains
Rich_C: May be the coast tomorrow, possibly further north. Keep an eye on readings
Nick: Model baby, we will be there.
Leroy: Anyone out tomorrow?
Leroy: Yea Friday was unexpectedly fun! Nearly turned around when I arrived..
andrew: Great and unexpected flying this afternoon at model.
more info to follow going for a kip before work..*: 1517595811
Nick*: cracking flight at model today. must stop landing at wrong end of cringle! managed to tag 6 of the grid challenge cylinders in order.
Ian: Will be at model ar 9am
Jonathan Thomas:
Jonathan Thomas: Model tomorrow looks good atm
andrew: Turned out nice
Andy: It did Ian, after trying on cookie's for a couple of hours I relocated to Carlton for a top to bottom. Surprised and very happy to have an hour and a half airborne.
Ian: Well, it came back! Top Banana!
Ian: All week its been forecasting NW for Saturday, then the day before...
Jlewis: Yes a bit lumpy and was then blown over the back of summer hill
andrew: First flight this year felt a bit rusty
Jlewis: Well me and the big lad had a fly today
administrator: Love to come tonight but in Germany till 10pm
Jonathan Thomas: Spent the day chasing wind but the only wind i found was from my curry the night before lol forecast was a bit strange to say the least, Oh well hope to get out at some point the next few weeks :)
Ian: Would have been grand for towing.
Nick: Looks like a nill wind day !
Rich_C: Top to bottom in the morning may be the only option. That lovely bog to land in, eh. Probably not worth it. Think I\'ll take the radio off charge.
Jonathan Thomas: Model then Cringle sunday :)
Andy: Maybe Dad, probably have a look up after lunch. Looks like it might be flyable just before dark.
Jlewis: Cookies later today?
administrator: no it not