administrator: camera is fixed again access it from this page only
in the next couple of days :)*: 1558016483
administrator*: looks like flyable at model
Ian: Meeting tonight
Nick: Has the camera died?
Ian: I've got mine. Stockpiling wood now.
Jonathan: Tickets selling fast apparently for Buttermere Bash 2019. If you're going (I am) probably best to get in advance.
chrispotter: Going to Otley tonight anyone wanting al lift phone 07801836560
rosie: DHPC social on Thursday 2nd May- 7pm at Horse and Farrier, Otley. Hannes Papesh of PHI will be giving talk presented by Flybubble. for more info. All NYSC members welcome. Rosie (DHPC social sec)
Charles McDonald: Anyone contemplating Model or Cringle this afternoon (Sunday)?
kevin gay: Hangies going to explore later. looks pretty grim at the moment.
Anyone know who it might be?*: 1555531182
Andy*: There was a guy jumped off model today (his words) landed at the bottom before I got the. He's dun an EP maybe no idea bhpa/nysc . He left when I had a word. Keep an eye out for him he's from Northallerton. Airwave glider and bag.
MartinBaxter: Going to take a look at Model Ridge at 11am. Perhaps Marske later.
Phil Mackereth: Good day Saturday on Model/Cringle 2-3pm. Tested out my new Ozone Z6, it was very nice indeed. Amazing the difference in glider designs over the last 7 years Ha, Ha.
administrator: looks like no one on the hill
Nick: all is quiet!!!!!