About NYSC

About NYSC

Welcome to the about page where you can find out everything from the club history to safety when flying.

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The NYSC is a hang-gliding and paragliding club based in the North East of the UK. We hold a number of excellent flying sites which are enjoyed by our members.

The club\'s aim is to promote hang-gliding and paragliding within the area in the best interests of it\'s members, and to protect it\'s assets whilst creating a social and fun environment for pilots of all levels. From a CP fresh from school, to the local skygod, everyone is welcome to join this BHPA registered club and enjoy what we have to offer. All club affairs are managed by the committee which at the moment consists of:

Chairman -Dave Smart.

Treasurer – Ian Hutchinson


Sites Officer – John Lewis


Secretary - Phil Mackereth

Membership – Martin

Newsletter Co-ordinator – None at moment(want to do it)

Competitions Secretary - Nick Kavanagh

Hang Gliding Representative – Trevor Birkbeck

Librarian – Nick Kavanagh

Safety – Andy Smith

Website – martin

Entertainments Secretary – Mark leach


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