Summer Hill


Site Code: 11.064

Direction: Westerly

Location: NZ 593114 to NZ 593125

Access:    Drive from Great Ayton up to the car park above Gribdale Terrace (NZ592111). After parking walk either:
               (1) Along the bottom of the plantation to its end and follow the path up the hill face, or:-
               (2) Up the path to the top of Great Ayton Moor, along the moor top past the plantation and through the gate to the top.

Height: Approx. 1000ft (310m) AMSL. Face approx. 200ft.

Length: Approx. 1500 yds.

Description: Small grass covered hill with irregular face, also including mixed plantation.

Suitability: Not suitable for inexperienced pilots due to the tight bottom landing and turbulence (see comment).

Telephone: Gribdale Terrace, 1/2 mile west of car park.

               Please read these carefully in conjunction with the attached map before flying the site.
        1. Out of courtesy, please stop at Ayton Banks Farm (NZ 586116) if you should bottom land in one of the fields. Avoid any cropped fields.

Take-off: Anywhere, but mainly close to the first gate.

Landings: Top: Anywhere on Ayton Moor but beware of the wall, which is an obstruction and creates rotor. Carry the glider back through the gate. Top landings are possible on the edge in front of the wall in light conditions.
Bottom:   Mainly in the grass field to the left and on the far side of the track at the bottom. Identify and beware of POWER LINES before flying. Other fields may also be used subject to cropping. All the bottom fields slope to some degree, which may be in excess of the glide angle of modern gliders. Crosswind landings are thus called for.

Comments: Reports suggest that this site can become very turbulent when the wind is even slightly off the hill.

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